What is neural prolotherapy?

Neural prolotherapy is a treatment that modifies nerve signals to heal pain conditions.  This can help nerve pain, soft tissue pain such as strains and tendonitis, and joint pain related to arthritis.  Dr. John Lyftogt of New Zealand developed these treatments.  The nerves that are either causing pain or are supplying an area that causes pain are treated with 5% dextrose with injections just below the skin.

How does neural prolotherapy work?

The concept that underlies the neural prolo treatment is that nerves mediate pain.  This is obvious when there is nerve-type pain such as sciatica with shooting pain down the leg.  When someone has tendonitis or arthritic joint pain, this is less obvious.  By placing 5% dextrose at points along the nerves that supply the joint, the nerve transmits signals that stimulate healing of the tendon or joint and reduce joint and tendon pain.  With the injections done just under the skin, neural prolo is a way to relieve pain naturally with a very safe substance using a very safe method. 

How long does it take for treatment to work?

There is usually relief with the first treatment that lasts from four hours to four days.  With each treatment, the relief tends to last longer.  Usually, after 6-8 treatments, the pain is healed long term.  The usual interval between treatments is every 2 weeks, though range from weekly to every 4 weeks. 

Is the treatment painful?

While neural prolotherapy involves injections, these are done just under the skin akin to tiny pinpricks.  If necessary, a freezing spray can be used at the time of treatment.  The good news is that the objective is for you to be pain-free by the time you leave the treatment room.

Is the treatment safe?

Yes, very.  The treatment is very superficial with 5% dextrose so is generally well tolerated.  There is occasional bruising and almost zero risk of infection. 

Does neural prolotherapy work?

Yes there is about 85% success with neural prolotherapy and most successes are long term with lasting pain relief.