Our office is highlighted by our great office manager Karin Slaten. Karin brings her organizational talents with a Masters in Business Administration from Washington University in St. Louis. More important, she brings her warm touch which makes all who enter our office feel at home and welcome.

The office environment is enhanced by a slate waterfall in the front room. This helps provide a pleasant, relaxing environment when you enter the office. For those waiting for a friend or family member, the background of the waterfall makes the wait pleasant.

We offer our patients and patients’ guests ozonated water. This unique beverage has a distinct flavor that enhances the office experience. Some find the drink enjoyable while others feel it gives them an energy boost. Either way, it helps make your visit to our office an enjoyable experience.

You can enjoy our special Ion Cleanse foot bath. Besides providing relaxation, the ion plate helps the body detoxify. The therapeutic value of this detoxification for certain neurologic conditions has been established with medical studies. Some enjoy the Ion Cleanse as part of our office experience and others love the Ion Cleanse so much that they get one for their home use.

Our office places a premium on providing a clean, healthy environment. As part of this commitment, we keep the air in our office clean with a Hi Tech Air Solutions Air Reactor. This system destroys all airborne and surface contaminants. Thus, you can feel comfortable knowing that you will be breathing in clean, healthy air during your visit.

In summary, our staff will make you feel comfortable and welcome while our facility provides a pleasurable experience. In addition to the enjoyable experience, the ozonated water, Ion Cleanse and Air Reactor enhance wellness and complement the healing techniques that are the hallmarks of the Regenerative Healing Center