Dr. Warren Slaten at The Regenerative Healing Center of Ridgewood, New Jersey offers a wide range of natural treatments to heal painful conditions and improve well-being. There is an emphasis on treatments that stimulate healing and regeneration of musculoskeletal injuries including ligament strains and tears, tendonitis and arthritic joints.

These treatments include prolotherapy, platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections and ozone treatments. All of these treatments promote the growth of healthy tissue which repairs injured and degenerated tissue. These treatments are complemented by hormone replacement for women and men with an emphasis on maintaining hormones at a level that is found in a young adult. The goals of these treatments are to improve vitality and help maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. In addition, medical acupuncture, perineural injection therapy (neural prolotherapy) and neural therapy are offered to provide a wide range of healing options.

With anticipation,
Warren Slaten, M.D.
Medical Director
Regenerative Healing Center

The Regenerative Healing Show with Dr. Warren Slaten is broadcast every Sunday night at 9PM on 77WABC.


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