What is Ozone?

Ozone is enriched oxygen that is present in minute quantities in the atmosphere. It has remarkable healing properties because it improves the body’s ability to utilize oxygen.

How is Ozone used?

There are myriads of ways to deliver Ozone. The most common method in my practice is to apply Ozone locally at areas of injury or arthritis. This enhances the healing response of the injured or degenerated tissue. Ozone can also be utilized more generally for a body-wide effect. This is useful for treating many illnesses. The ozone can be delivered intravenously, rectally, nasally and orally. Our patients are welcome to try the oral route with ozonated water that we offer. Another way of delivering ozone is through the skin either with an ozone sauna or with ozonated oil ointments, olive being the most common. When treating an injury or arthritis, ozone can either be used by itself or be combined with other treatments to enhance their effectiveness.

What conditions respond to Ozone?

They are too numerous to include all. Many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes mellitus have responded to Ozone. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis have shown improvement with Ozone. The conditions most commonly treated in my practice including tendonitis, strains, bursitis and degenerative arthritis all respond very well to Ozone.

Is Ozone dangerous?

When used in a medical setting is very safe and very beneficial. Ozone has a bad reputation because it is known as an environmental pollutant. Ozone is present in the atmosphere in very low concentrations. Ozone is a byproduct of other pollutants including organic hydrocarbons, which are more toxic than Ozone. It is more easily measured than most other pollutants so it used as a measure of overall pollution. Ozone is very safe when delivered in all the ways noted above.

How does Ozone work?

All cells rely on mitochondria to generate energy. Due to aging or injury, the mitochondria lose their function and their ability to generate energy. Ozone supports the mitochondria by improving their ability to utilize oxygen, thereby generating more energy. This improved energy capacity helps heal injuries and resolve chronic conditions.