Many different triggers can bring on headaches and neck pain.

The most common trigger is muscle tension, which can often be relieved by applying heat, getting a massage or stretching. However, there are some underlying causes that need the care of a skilled medical practitioner. At the Regenerative Healing Center, we are experienced in identifying the root source of pain, and we have a long history of successful treatments with natural therapies.

The following two examples are conditions we have successfully resolved for many patients who chose our treatment options over conventional doctors:

  • Cervicogenic headache: This type of headache is caused by pain originating in the neck, but felt in the head. It can be caused by problems with the eyes, ears or sinuses, head trauma including concussions, spinal conditions and even muscle tension in the neck and head. Symptoms include migraine-like headaches, typically only on one side.
  • Cervicocranial syndrome: A condition in which the cervical vertebrae are misaligned, causing irritation to the nerves, which can lead to neck, face, and sinus or ear pain. In some cases, symptoms may include a pain or tingling sensation radiating down the arm, headaches and clogged ears.

How they treat it

Similar to other conditions causing pain, the conventional treatments include drugs and surgery. The medications used for headaches and neck pain do offer temporary relief, but they can cause serious side-effects in the long run, such as liver and kidney failure, GI bleeding and more. Medication is prescribed simply to suppress the symptoms, not to cure the injury or condition. Oftentimes it can actually prevent the body from healing properly by blocking its natural responses, such as inflammation, which triggers the healing process.

How we treat it

At the Regenerative Healing Center, we treat head and neck pain using an integrative approach. Using prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and other therapies, we accelerate and enhance the body’s natural healing process. Many patients that come to our center have already been through the conventional route without relief. With our treatments, they finally start to feel relief enabling them to get back to what they love to do.